Sustainable Timber for Wooden Gates

We hear a lot in our day-to-day lives about things we can do to help protect the environment without really altering the way we live – recycling, minimising food and water waste, driving electric or hybrid vehicles, for example. However, as well as the way we operate on a daily basis, the materials we use in our homes can also help us maintain a more eco-friendly existence. Using sustainable wood benefits the environment in a number of ways – simply read on to find out how.

What makes wood sustainable?

If wood is known to be sustainable, that means it has been sourced from a carefully-managed forest. This ‘management’ means that for every tree that is harvested, a new one is planted. This process means that more CO2 is stored, which actually means the sustainable timber products are better than carbon neutral.

The forests that produce sustainable timber serve purposes beyond environmentally-friendly wood. Their biodiversity is excellent, with animals and plants thriving in an environment that offers them protection, helping to preserve the area. Sustainable forests are authorised and certified by The Forest Stewardship Council, which have a number of standards set for the sustainable timber industry:

  • Trees that are harvested must be replaced through planting or natural regeneration
  • Indigenous peoples’ rights to use these forests must be maintained and protected
  • Employment, training safety equipment and healthy salaries must be provided for local workers to work on the forests

Why should you consider sustainable wood for your gate?

The atmosphere’s CO2 content is increasing, and this increase is the leading cause of global warming which threatens ecosystems around the world, leading to climate change. Using sustainable timber helps to reduce the production of CO2, as well as a number of further benefits:

  • They’re a fantastic insulator. Their efficiency of heating and cooling means that your carbon footprint will be reduced and you’ll see a positive difference in your energy usage.
  • Producing this type of wood is a lot more energy-efficient than other building materials, which means any project using sustainable timber will enjoy a reduced carbon footprint.
  • The sustainable forestry industry in the UK is estimated to provide around 100,000 jobs across various disciplines and applications. What’s more, it quite literally contributes billions to our economy.

As well as the aforementioned benefits to our carbon footprints, our industries and our wallets, there’s one major plus point that should appeal to anyone thinking of using sustainable timber for their project; it looks beautiful.

This type of wood has a unique aesthetic that cannot be replicated by other materials, making it perfect for both contemporary and more traditional designs. In rural properties, for example, use of sustainable timber can offer a continuation of the building’s natural surroundings, helping your property to catch the eye and blend in simultaneously.
A sustainable timber gate on the front of a property, for example, makes a wonderful statement without compromising on functionality or durability. Whether you want grandeur or simplicity, it can be crafted in whatever way you see fit.

Maintaining your new wooden gate

Rot is one of the biggest problems for wood products, and using wood treatment products is the best way to ensure the integrity of your gate. Oil or acrylic-based protection is best, and refreshing it every year will help to maintain the beauty of the timber.

Algae is another common issue for wooden gates, but a blast with a pressure washer can remove it. Once you’re satisfied that you’ve washed the algae away, wait for the wood to dry before reapplying the aforementioned water repellant oil or acrylic-based sealant to protect the gate from rot.

For more information about maintaining your timber gates, have a read of our guide here.

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