How to Keep Your Wooden Gates Looking Like New

Wooden gates are seen around the world on properties of all types, and their popularity is down to a number of factors, from their elegant appearance to their functionality and versatility. However, over time, wood’s appearance can deteriorate as it is subject to the elements and natural aging symptoms. Thankfully, there are a number of steps that can be taken to help prolong your wooden gates’ look and keep it looking as it did when it was first installed, and this article will look into them.

Wood Treatments

Wood rot is one of the biggest causes of deterioration and damage in wooden gates, as well as natural wear and tear. Over time, the wood can dry out and split, and water will speed up the rotting process. To combat this, ensure that you coat the dry wood panels with a water repelling acrylic or oil-based wood treatment product. Although a lot of oil-based treatments are designed to last for 2-5 years, refreshing the treatment every couple of years is likely to be the best option, as the gate will endure wear and tear from the elements and everyday usage.

Algae Removal

While this may seem like an unusual issue, it is actually quite common for wooden gates. In order to remove the growth of algae, you will need to use a pressure washer. After using the pressure washer, remember to let the wood dry and then reapply a layer of water repellant sealant to the wood to protect against the problems that moisture can bring.

Freshen up

Using the pressure washer can also be a useful tactic for refreshing the appearance of the gate, as well as for removing algae. When used, the pressure washer can remove the top layer of old wood cells, which may have faded or greyed out, which will then expose a fresh layer of wood underneath, bringing back the as-new appearance of your gate. When using a wood stain, try and source a product that contains ultraviolet inhibitors, as they help protect the gate from the damage caused by sunlight.

Plant Placement

Take care with the positioning and planting of shrubbery near a gate or fence. Although it can look beautiful and add character to a space, if plants, vines or other shrubbery are in constant contact with the wood, the moisture from the plants and their blocking of sunlight can have an effect on the gate’s condition. Try and avoid planting greenery too close to the gate, and remember to prune them regularly.

If you follow the above tips and take care to keep your gate in top condition, then you will be rewarded with a gate that keeps its aesthetic quality and functionality for years on end. These simple tips can make a huge difference, and they require no high-tech equipment or specialist knowledge, so they are perfect for all wooden gate owners.

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