Wrought Iron Design Features

Wrought iron gates are famous the world over for their grandiose nature and the beautiful yet imposing presence they project to visitors. From stately homes to more modern properties, they can be a fantastic addition to your premises and provide security as well as an aesthetic quality.

Wrought iron gates allow for a wide variety of design styles, leaving you free to decide which one suits your property and your personal tastes better. You can tailor the elements of the design without sacrificing the security of your property, leaving you with a solution that combines the key features of a domestic gate: security and aesthetics.


Railheads are a common feature on wrought iron gates and fencing, adding a little decorative extra to the tops of your gates. As well as looking elegant, they also make any fencing or gates difficult to traverse, which is helpful in deterring any unwanted visitors from your property. Railheads are cheap to buy individually, but keep in mind that you may need several in order to complete a symmetrical look.


With wrought iron gates, you are not limited to the colouring of your system – powder coating is a process that results in a stronger, slicker finish than traditional painting. Powder coating is done using an electrostatic method, cured under heat and then left to allow a ‘skin’ to form. The final finish is tough and resistant to abrasions, and this is created by placing the powder coated pieces into an oven and heated at temperatures between 160 and 210 degrees celsius.

Extra Security

You can add additional security features to your wrought iron gate to enhance the already secure nature of the installation. Locks can be added to ensure that any trespassers cannot force the gates open, and coupling these locks with the inherent security of a tall wrought iron gate or fence can make it very hard for people to enter your property if they are not welcome. Features like letter boxes can be added to your gates to allow simple delivery of post, rather than having to take the time to allow those delivering your mail through your gates and up to your door.


By dipping the entire gate in molten zinc, every single millimetre of the gate is then covered by a reinforcing, galvanised coating. Even gates with extravagant patterns and detailing are totally covered by the coating, which provides protection to these hard to reach areas in a way that other methods cannot.

Bespoke Designs

The beauty of a wrought iron gate is that you can create and customise yours until it looks exactly how you want it to. From adding balustrades that feature beautiful flourishes to baskets and cages or decorative flowers, the amount of extras you can add to your gates and fences means you can create a truly unique addition to your premises.

Here at Strand Systems, our team of expert designers and fitters can bring you your ideal bespoke wrought iron gates, incorporating every one of your specifications to ensure that your new wrought iron gate is exactly how you imagined it. If you would like to know more, please get in touch with us today and we’ll be happy to help you.