What makes gate design traditional or modern?

Choosing the right gate for your property means taking into account a number of factors, from functionality to security and aesthetic quality. Certain gate designs will suit certain properties better than others, and when you’re committing to the purchase and installation of a new gate, you want to be sure that it’s the right one for you.

Gate design trends and styles have changed over the years, but traditional and modern looks are still equally popular. But what’s the difference between the two, and which one is right for your property?

What makes a gate design ‘traditional’?

If you are looking for a gate design which will complement and enhance the facade of a traditional property, you have a selection of styles to choose from. Typically, traditionally styled gates are more ornate than modern styles, offering sweeping lines and aesthetic detailing. Popular traditional styles include:

  • Swan neck gates
  • Swan neck spindle gates
  • Lattice topped gates
  • Arch top spindle gates
  • Farm style gates
  • Decorative wrought iron gates

Selecting the traditional style which will suit your property best depends greatly on both your property’s style and your individual tastes. There are a few particularly popular combinations between architectural and gate style – for example, prim and proper Georgian homes are complemented well by decorative wrought iron, and 30’s homes are enhanced by elegant swan neck gates.

For timber gates, you should also consider the kind of wood and finish used. Traditional style gates tend to use classic kinds of wood, for example, hardwoods like oak.

Decorative steel gate illustration

What makes a gate design ‘modern’?

Modern gate design is starkly different to traditional aesthetics, often showcasing a more simplistic look. Clean, straight lines are a prominent feature of modern gates, which tend to stay away from decorative flourishes.

With modern gates, you can expect to see more angular shapes, flat tops and solid wood panels. When it comes to modern metal gates, the shapes are also simpler than in traditional designs, generally typified by straight, uncomplicated designs.

Modern gates obviously accompany modern styles of home well. However, due to the simplicity of modern designs, they can pair well with any architectural style. One tip to ensure cohesion between your modern gate and home is to choose a complementing colour.

For example, a black painted gate can tone in well to the beam detailing on a mock tudor/tudor home. To make a statement against a classic white rendered house, a red cedar softwood gate – a durable and attractive choice – could be the perfect partner.

Whether you are looking for a traditional or modern style gate, Strand Systems can meet your wishes. With our simple gate designer tool, you can create the ideal gate for your needs and property online. If you have any enquiries, simply get in touch with our helpful team of experts today.