Top Benefits Of Electric Gate Servicing

Your electric gate is a frequently utilised part of your property, being used for entry and exit points multiple times a day. As such, it is vulnerable to wear and tear so it’s vital to have your gate regularly examined by a professional. There are numerous benefits of electric gate servicing and the team at Strand Systems who specialise in the service, has compiled a few in this article. 

Prevent Future Costly Repairs

Electric gates comprise multiple, complicated moving parts. Therefore, it’s important to have them examined regularly to ensure everything is in full working order. Regular services and maintenance also guarantee that your gate is constantly operating at maximum efficiency. A key part of a gate service is to examine and lubricate the manual release system; this makes sure that, in the event of a power outage, you are still able to quickly use your gates.

A key benefit of electric gate servicing is that it pre-empts potential problems; whilst automatic gates are extremely reliable and you are by no means expected to experience complications, it pays to be prepared. If smaller issues with your gate are left, these can worsen and become harder to fix. The benefits of a thorough electric gate service is that it will identify these problems and save you money in the long run. As a result, preventing you from being landed with larger repair bills and emergency callout fees later. Additionally, it ensures your gates are never out of action whilst you wait for an engineer.

Ensures Gate Safety Compliance

Automated gates are classed as machinery and subject to the rules of The Supply of Machinery (Safety) Regulations 2008. Although gates may appear to be a harmless appliance, faulty gates can cause severe injury or even death. Should there be an accident on your property and you have failed to carry out maintenance work, you could be found liable.

The Door and Hardware Federation aim to boost standards within the industry and are constantly reviewing safety guidelines. A regular service will involve checks to ensure your gate adheres to their legislation and complies with safety standard BS EN 12453.

Prolongs the Lifespan of Your Gate

Another benefit of electric gate servicing is that your electric gate can last for decades if properly maintained. Any small issues can worsen and needlessly shorten the lifespan of your gate if not fixed; regular maintenance checks ensure the automation is in the best possible condition. A service will include the clearing of any debris and greasing of moving parts to guarantee hinges are always lubricated and therefore prevent unnecessary wear.

Guarantees Security

Gates are a great visual security deterrent, however this means nothing if they don’t work. Should a criminal decide to try your gates, it’s important to ensure they won’t allow trespassers. A service will guarantee your gates can play a vital role in securing your property all year round. Your gates can also be paired with a CCTV system or access control to guarantee maximum security.

How Often Should Your Gates Be Serviced?

Ideally, you should give your gate a quick inspection on a monthly basis. However, you should always consult professionals to perform a proper service at least once a year. This will pick up any hard-to-notice issues to help the performance and longevity of your gate. With so many things on your to-do list, we understand that it can be hard to remain on top of your gate maintenance. That’s why Strand Systems offers an automatic gate servicing package for your convenience, ensuring you’re always protected.

Looking For A Gate Servicing Company?

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If you’re looking to arrange a service for your gate, or you want to discuss your individual needs with one of our technicians, contact our friendly team today.