The Future of Access Control Systems

The rate that technology advances provides us with plenty of ways to improve the way we go about our lives. From large scale developments that can revolutionise the world or smaller innovations that can make subtle but important improvements to our daily living, technological advancements have their place in every sector.

Security is no different, and the improvements in technology go much further than simple tweaks. This article will look at what access control solutions will look like in the near future.

Smart bracelets

With the much-hyped Apple Watch being released recently, smart wristwear is now very much a reality, rather than a far fetched idea from sci-fi films. When fully developed, using these touch screen watches will allow users to activate their gates, lock and unlock doors at the touch of a button, or using voice command.

This is already used in the Palladium Hotel Group, which includes Hard Rock Hotels, with guests being given VIBs (Very Important Bracelets) that allow them to pay for hotel services by simply holding the bracelet up to a special reader. The bracelets also give them access to their hotel rooms, meaning they won’t have to worry about misplacing their room key.

Smartphone integration

From texting a code to your gates or using a specially designed app, smartphones can now be used as a key of sorts – doing away with the need to get out of your car or walk up your drive to open your gates. This also eliminates the risk of you losing your keys or entrance fob and being locked in or out!

Biometric readers

Biometrics are defined as ‘authentication techniques that use a measurable physical characteristic for recognition or verification’. There are a number of characteristics that can be measured:

  • Fingerprints – this is the most common form of biometric reading
  • Face – the user’s unique facial characteristics are analysed
  • Hand geometry – the shape of hand and length of fingers
  • Retina – analysis of the capillary vessels located at the back of the eye
  • Iris – the coloured ring surrounding the eye’s pupil is analysed
  • Signature
  • Vein – the analysis of the vein patterns in the hand and wrist
  • Voice

The nature of biometric analysis means it is very hard for unauthorised users to gain entry to a room, so it is a popular security method in places like banks or military buildings.

The advancement of technology is continuing every day, and although some of the above methods may seem like the stuff of sci-fi films or a select few environments, it won’t be long before they are commonplace in homes and businesses around the world.

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