Spotting an Unsafe Gate

Automatic gates have been making lives easier for years now, with advancing technology allowing for safe and secure entrance and exit solutions that can be opened or closed at the touch of a button. However, like any technology and heavy mechanism, there is always potential for error, and if the gate is unsafe, that potential is greatly exaggerated. Here, we will detail the signs to look out for that indicate your gate may be unsafe.

Some Symptoms of Faults & Unsafe Gates to look out for:

  • Stiffness of the gate when trying to open or close it
  • The gate scraping along the ground when moving
  • Rust on the hinges or the frame
  • The posts feel loose in the ground – they should feel secure and tight
  • The gate rattles – this indicates the fixings might be loose

It is a common trend that the heavier the gate, the greater the risk is in terms of health and safety. Wrought iron gates weigh, on average, 20kg per square metre, as do timber gates. If the gate falls over, it can cause serious damage to structures and people, and the taller the gate is, the larger the surface area that it will cover in the event that it falls down.

It is important that should you notice any signs of damage or faults in your gate system, that you seek professional assistance. There is no telling when the gate may totally break down – it could last for another few months, or it could break down in the 24 hours, and that is a risk that should not be taken.

When you contact an expert, they will be able to visit your premises to remedy the problem, whether that is a few tweaks here and there or the removal of your old gate and the installation of a new one. The duty of ensuring the safety of a gate comes down to the ‘owner’, who can be the property owner, landlord of a property or the management agent with responsibility for the gate. By contacting a professional to help secure or repair the gate, the ‘owner’ is fulfilling their responsibility. Those who have worked on the gate, whether installing it, repairing it or maintaining it, are in charge of leaving it in a secure state.

By ensuring the safety of your gate, you can provide safe entrance and exit for authorised personnel, as well as preventing unauthorised visitors gaining access to your property.

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