How to Maintain Automated Gates Between Services

Having your automated gates serviced on a regular basis is important for ensuring a long lifespan and preventing any serious faults occurring that can affect the functions of your gate. Between having your gates serviced by a professional engineer, there are steps that you can take yourself to keep them running smoothly, and this article will look into what  you can do to maintain automated gates between services.


There are plenty of ways that you can clean your gates but some methods, such as sandblasting and powder coating, can be quite costly and should only be done when absolutely necessary. In terms of simple cleaning, you can wax and wash your gates to ensure a pristine look. This can hold off the onset of problems like faded or flaking paint and rust.

As well as the visible areas, it is important to clean the mechanisms and photocells. The photocells can be cleaned using a dry fibre cloth, and this will ensure the sensors work as they should.

The mechanical parts can often get obstructed by things like leaves, stones and sticks, so check them regularly to ensure there’s nothing preventing the gate from opening or closing. If you have a slide gate, check the gate track and remove any offending debris.


While you may not usually associate pest damage with automated gates, snails, slugs and other garden pests can actually be a real nuisance. The trails that are left by snails and slugs can cause severe damage to the circuit boards of automated systems, no matter how slight the trails are – they are highly conductive. Be vigilant where pests are concerned. A top tip to prevent slug and snails intruding is to use copper tape – it is self adhesive and it gives snails and slugs a tiny electric shock to deter them from coming back.

Keep it Oiled

Certain gates may not have sealed bearing hinges, which means they can be liable to seizing up. If this is the case with your gates, ensure the hinges stay lubricated by using a grease gun to apply professional grade, heavy grease to the hinges. WD-40 should be avoided.

Regular Maintenance

Making sure that your gates get regular maintenance is vital if you want them to have a long life. By arranging scheduled visits from a professional engineer, potential problems can be spotted and rectified before they worsen, saving you the time, money and hassle that can often be required when your gate breaks down entirely. Whether your gate is brand-new or you have had it for a number of years, the need for regular maintenance is one and the same.

Here at Strand Systems, we are proud to be a leading provider of bespoke automated gates for domestic and commercial customers. We even offer a complete service from design and installation through to maintenance and repairs. For more information, get in touch with us today and we will be more than happy to help you.