How to Improve Your Kerb Appeal

It’s widely known that renovating your home will help you sell it for more money in the future, if you so wish. From revamping bedrooms to redesigning a kitchen, or even adding an extension to the property, there are countless things you can do to your house to make it more attractive to buyers. However, the first step to drawing attention to your property is to enhance its kerb appeal – something that can be done with a keen eye for aesthetics and a bit of hard work.


Far from a place just for parking your car, a driveway has a huge impact on the overall look of your home from the outside. Make sure it’s tidy – clean it with a pressure washer to blast away any dirt from the surface, and trim any plants or grass that borders the driveway to make everything neat. You might even consider resurfacing your drive – years of vehicles driving and stopping on it will wear the surface down somewhat, and a revamp can give it a new lease of life. Swapping tarmac for gravel or stones can add character and something a little different from the other houses on the street.

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Again, something that might go a little underappreciated when it comes to the look of a home. Painting your door, adding a letter box or an elegant door knocker can not only make the front of your home look better, it can also make it look more inviting. A door with beautiful frosted glass, or a traditional wooden door with a fresh coat of paint can look wonderful on any home.

Safety First

Knowing that a potential home is secure can go a long way to helping a potential buyer make the right decision. Locks, gates and even CCTV cameras can help reassure people that the property is as secure as can be. If the security measures are clearly visible, then all the better – not only for giving those who live in it peace of mind, but also for deterring potential intruders.


While you might not think a fence is necessary for your property, it can really add something to your home. A fence that is purely decorative can add to the grandeur of a property, as can a gate. For the latter, there are plenty of options available – automatic gates made of timber or iron combine extravagance and functionality, and they can certainly make your home look more expensive, for example. If you want to know what gate is right for you, our new gate builder tool is perfect – have your say over every element of your new gate, from the finish to the type of automation you’d like.


First of all, make sure they’re clean – streak-free and no handprints – as it makes your home look well-kept. Dressing your windows can work wonders, too. Choose your blinds or curtains carefully, these can help filter light and create a beautiful ambience in any room, which undoubtedly boosts the impression that a space will make on a potential buyer.
There are many things you can do to the front of your property to help entice buyers and boost its value. Some require considerable effort, but others are as simple as a lick of paint or a bit of tidying up. If you take the time and care to carry out some of the above improvements, you’ll see a noticeable improvement in the value of your home and the interest in your property.

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