Benefits of Automated Gates

Having entrance gates for your property provides you with a number of benefits. From extra peace of mind knowing that you have added security to bringing an added level of aesthetic quality to the property overall, there are many reasons why homeowners and business owners alike opt for gates outside their buildings.

But what are the benefits of certain types of gates? There is a variety of opening mechanisms that can be fitted to all gates, and this article will look at the plus points of using an automated system.


Perhaps the most common reason for people choosing to install automated gates is the convenience it brings them. A lot of manual gates are often left open due to the awkward nature of leaving your vehicle and opening the gate, then doing the reverse once you have entered the property. Particularly on rainy or cold days, heaving a large gate shut can often slip the mind as you rush to get to the warmth of your home!

Automated systems take away that extra effort, with remote controlled systems enabling you to open and close your property entrance at the click of a button.


A lot of automated gates can often come with a keypad that requires an entrance code in order to unlock the gate. This gives the property owner extra security knowing that the gates will not open unless the right code is entered.

Manual gates do not usually benefit from this extra security measure, so automated systems are often chosen for this feature. For properties such as schools or care homes, for example, an automated gate system can stop people from leaving or entering the building if they are not supposed to.

For farms or equestrian properties, the animals will not be able to force open the gates and escape, and you can also open and close the gates as you please from a distance, so you don’t have to worry about walking or running to and from your property to let people in or out.


As well as security, automated gates often carry less risk to vulnerable people or valuable property than manual systems.

That is to say that automatic systems often have sensors that detect if something is blocking the path of the gates, so nothing can become stuck between them as the gates will not move if there is an obstruction.

This is very handy where small children are concerned, or if you don’t like the idea of having a heavy gate smash against your car!

Here at Strand Systems, we are very proud of our status as one of the leading suppliers and installers of residential and commercial gates. Whether you want an automated system for your home or a manual system for your business, we have the skill, knowledge and dedication to fit your gate perfectly to ensure access to your property works exactly how you would like it to.

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