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Door Entry Systems

Secure door & Entrances Guaranteed

We cover London, Home Counties, Essex, Hertfordshire, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire and beyond

Door Entry Systems & Intercoms

Our approach to door entry is as flexible as the range of customers we serve.

  • Stainless steel, vandal resistant for residential blocks
  • Simple hard wired systems for economy
  • Video entry with colour images of your visitor
  • GSM based intercoms with no cabling and the flexibility to answer to call wherever you are
  • Unique intercoms to suit your special requirement whether it’s disguised as stonework for a listed property, networked to allow you to view and speak to your visitor on an iPad or other mobile device or simply an idea you haven’t been able to find anywhere else

With our systems you can relax while you are away from home because we can tailor your domestic door entry, CCTV and access control to allow you to be "In when you're out".

  • Your cameras at home will show you what is happening at home on your mobile device, tablet or phone
  • On your mobile phone you can speak to a visitor calling at your gate when you are out and about
  • You can give a trusted person access through your gates for as long as you want, from where ever you are and withdraw that privilege instantly without fuss or effort
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Commercial and business properties often need to screen the people coming into buildings to ensure ultimate safety to residents and workers, and with state of the art door entry systems and intercoms you can achieve just that. At Strand Systems we have spent over 25 years gaining experience in the industry, installing, repairing and maintaining intercom systems. AV intercoms are state of the art technology used to provide both audio and visual confirmation of anyone trying to gain access to your building. To add a new layer of security to your premises, call us today and ask about our door entry systems range.

  • Ranges for commericial and residential purposes
  • Property management for installation and repairs
  • Proven prevention and deterrent systems

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