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CCTV Systems

Using Only the best CCTV Equipment

We cover London, Home Counties, Essex, Hertfordshire, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire and beyond

CCTV Systems

We install your CCTV to suit your needs without creating a “Big Brother” feel to your property. Day by day you may seldom glance at the screen, so when you need to view different cameras or watch a recorded event your system will be intuitive and easy to use without hours spent reading a manual. We supply and install CCTV services in London, Cambridge & Bishop's Stortford.

Commercial CCTV Cameras

Our commercial systems view perimeters and threat areas to meet the specific needs of business users with evidence packs and procedures for compliant reporting.

Residential CCTV Installation

Rather than using a “Fort Knox” perimeter approach we design our domestic systems to give comfort and confidence to our clients by showing that all is well with their homes. Much better than worrying that an intruder may have hopped over the fence just before you looked at the screen!

With our systems you can relax while you are away from home because we can tailor your domestic door entry, CCTV and access control to allow you to be "In when you’re out".

  • Your cameras at home will show you what is happening at home on your mobile device, tablet or phone
  • On your mobile phone you can speak to a visitor calling at your gate when you are out and about
  • You can give a trusted person access through your gates for as long as you want, from where ever you are and withdraw that privilege instantly without fuss or effort
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Monitoring your property using CCTV systems can put your mind at ease, and we at Strand Systems can install a range of CCTV cameras and arrange them around your requirements. You and anyone else using the premises will feel an extra level of protection with fully integrated security cameras.

Whether you want to monitor your car park, front doors or just gain a comprehensive overview of your grounds, CCTV will take the weight off your mind. Your eyes can’t see everywhere at once, so why not let Strand Systems install CCTV to help? With over 25 years' experience installing CCTV systems in the London area, we are a name you can trust.

  • NQA and SAFEcontractor registered technicians
  • Property management for installation and repairs
  • Proven prevention and deterrent systems

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